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quickly find anything

Cinapsis is a workflow plugin adding a quick-find function to CINEMA 4D. Quickly find and edit any element of your scene and run commands or plugins dynamically on a specific set of items - all within an easy dialog.

The following parts of your scene can be optionally included in the look up:

  • objects, materials and tags
  • textures and shaders
  • commands and descriptions
  • video post effects
  • links
  • and more...


  • properties and parameters (descriptions) can be edited in place
  • sort weighting: the last selected item will be on top of the list when it’s included in the next look-up
  • change all occurring file paths of one texture at once
  • replace a specific material on all objects it is assigned to
  • delete all texture tags that have no material assigned
  • search for items by a property and a value
  • link affects also linked textures in materials
Cinapsis workflow plugin
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Download the manual for more detailed information on the plugin.