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enhanced depth of field

enDOFin is a post effect plugin for CINEMA 4D to achieve advanced depth of field (DOF) effects. It offers a correct treatment of alpha, transparency, reflections, hair and other individually adjustable settings.


  • supports polygonal as well as non-polygonal CINEMA 4D hair
  • correct treatment of alpha and transparency of materials (as opposed to standard DOF post effect)
  • includes other post effects like highlights, lens effects etc.
  • auto-updating live preview of the depth of field mask
  • optionally includes reflections in the depth of field mask
  • the depth of field mask can be created in an extra channel and also separated into front and rear masks for best flexibility in post production
  • adjustable areas with automatic blurring of the final image; either front, back or both
  • furthermore you can also define an arbitrary position in your scene where the blurring starts and ends
  • provides the “layer correction” function to suppress unwanted color bleeding artifacts
  • DOF map point-of-view can be overridden and bound to a specific object dynamically
  • selective objects can be excluded from the depth map calculation
  • save effects as multi-pass layers
enDOFin plugin for CINEMA 4D enDOFin plugin for CINEMA 4D

Download the manual for more detailed information on the plugin.