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straightforward glow post effect

Enhance the visual dynamic of your images with Glare. This glow post effect plugin blurs bright areas to create a more natural look and feel of your CINEMA 4D renderings. HDR renderings are supported, so you can target specifically high-dynamic lights with ease.

Also dark areas can be blurred to increase the contrast in your work. This allows you to easily achieve a nice glow, bloom or glare effect.

Typical applications of these effects are intensive lights like the bright sky, neon signs, flashlights or bright reflections.

Simply add Glare in the render settings and render your scene for enhanced results. An interactive preview allows you to quickly and easily find your settings.


  • create glare, bloom or glow effects with clipped and blurred lights
  • specify target areas by their intensity
  • blur dark areas to enhance image contrast
  • HDR clipping: only affect HDR lights
  • expand lights for greater glare effect
  • save effects as multi-pass layers

Download the manual for more detailed information on the plugin.

Glare Shader settings for CINEMA 4D Glare Shader plugin for CINEMA 4D Glare Shader plugin for CINEMA 4D