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Spline UV Mapper

UV-mapping made easy

UV-mapping arcs or streets has always been a laborious task. With our Spline UV Mapper for CINEMA 4D you can simply draw a spline that follows your object's geometry, add a "Spline Mapping Tag" and you're ready to go.

You get multiple projection types and scaling settings. For indepth configuration you can even specify up to 10 rotation knots on your spline.


  • extremely fast UV-mapping of complex objects
  • restrict your mapping to a selection-tag or to a UVW-tag
  • invert UV coordinates separately
  • automatic preview of the generated UVW map
  • multiple projection options for many object types
  • get variations in your UVs by setting rotation values
  • all C4D spline types and object supported

Download the manual for more detailed information on the plugin.

Image of a Spline UV Mapped Dragon Spline UV Mapper settings