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spline surfaces

SPLURF is a tool set for generating parametric surfaces or patches from any spline types supported by CINEMA 4D.

Beside the Spline Surface Object itself, SPLURF includes an easy-to-use Selector Tool to quickly generate patches of an existing spline model. It further contains a Connector Object making multiple spline surfaces adjustable at once.

SPLURF Connector Object

  • combines multiple spline surfaces to a single model being adjustable as a whole
  • adjustable tolerance to achieve the best results dependent on your individual model
  • automatically aligns normal directions
  • offers own extrusion features for the whole model

SPLURF Splune Surfarce Object

  • create spline surfaces from 3 or 4 splines or instances of splines
  • individual parametric subdivision in both directions
  • parametric extrusion of the spline patch object
  • optionally generates UV coordinates
  • provides the possibility to include offset values from each direction
  • specifiable accuracy

SPLURF Selector Tool

  • easily create spline surface models
  • automatic detecion where a spline patch can be placed
  • all directly in the visual editor of CINEMA 4D
SPLURF plugin for CINEMA 4D Image by Pavel Zoch from c4d.cz

Download the manual for more detailed information on the plugin:

Download Manual | EN
Download Manual | ES.