3D Software Development

Unleash the power of 3D with at² software solutions

at² is a software development company specializing in 3D technology. With over 15 years of experience developing plugins for major 3D applications, we are the perfect partner to enhance your software.
We also offer custom virtual reality software for virtual fair exhibitions, prototypes, meetings, and games, as well as solutions for working with 3D scans and 3D printing. Our expertise extends to augmented reality as well, allowing for seamless integration of digital and real-world elements.

Further Developed

We developed for every major 3D software in the last 15 years

Autodesk® 3DS Max®Autodesk 3DS Max®
Autodesk® AutoCAD®Autodesk AutoCAD®
MAXON Cinema 4DMAXON Cinema 4D
Side Effects Software HoudiniSide Effects Software Houdini
NewTek Lightwave®NewTek Lightwave®
Autodesk® Maya®Autodesk Maya®
Autodesk® Mental Ray®Autodesk Mental Ray®
Luxology MODO®Luxology MODO®
Pixologic™ ZBrush®Pixologic™ ZBrush®
Isotropix™ Clarisse iFXIsotropix™ Clarisse iFX
Pixar RenderMan®Pixar RenderMan®

3D Scans and 3D Printing

Working with STL data and more

We develop software that enables the reading, processing, analysis and visualization of 3D data and 3D scans of different origins. If required, the software also optimizes the data for subsequent 3D printing.

Our software solutions for 3D scans and 3D printing mostly include:

  • working with point clouds;
  • processing photogrammetry data;
  • 3D scans of all kinds, e.g. STL data;
  • model segmentation, smoothing, waterproofing, and alike;
  • data preparation for 3D printing;
  • 3D volume calculations.

Remeshing & Troubleshooting

Good results despite bad meshes

Anyone who is more intensively involved with photogrammetry or exports from CAD software is probably familiar with this problem: Many of the generated STL meshes cannot be directly reused because they have errors in the surface structure.

We have developed a powerful tool with our at2mesh-DLL, which can detect and correct a large part of the typical error sources in STL files:

  • Manifold check (with/without border)
  • Holes in the surface
  • Detection of related components and artifacts
  • Check for duplicate points (incl. tolerance)
  • Check for unreferenced points
  • Check for duplicate triangles
  • Check for degenerate triangles / null faces
  • Retopology / Remeshing
  • Reduction

Boolean Operations

Advanced boolean operation for 3D modeling

As a software developer, you know the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. That's why our company is excited to offer a library featuring advanced boolean operation capabilities for 3D modeling. With this technology, you can easily combine or subtract 3D models to create complex shapes and structures with precision and accuracy.

Whether you're looking to enhance your own software or incorporate these capabilities into your client projects, our boolean operation library is the perfect solution.

Extraordinary Plugins

Extensions for all major 3D applications

Thanks to our long experience in developing 3D plugins for the 3D community, we are the perfect partner for the continuous development of new 3D applications.

Custom 3D software from us is usually to:

  • simplify data exchange between software;
  • immensely accelerate recurring work processes;
  • completely automate substeps.

We develop your individual 3D plug-ins for MAXON Cinema 4D, Autodesk® 3DS Max®, Autodesk® Maya®, Autodesk® AutoCAD®, Blender and many other 3D applications.
NVIDIA Iray - Rendering your Reality


Rendering your Reality

NVIDIA® Iray® for Cinema 4D is a highly interactive and intuitive physically based rendering technology that generates photorealistic imagery by simulating the physical behavior of light and materials.

  • 3D
  • Software
REALEYES - Lens Shader Plugin


Lens Shader Plugin

REALEYES GmbH produces displays to portray 3D images without the use of any external devices. By creating new algorithms, we were able to reduce the render times by 92% and thus made it possible for the client to not only use single images but even to create animations in an efficient way.

  • 3d plugin
  • shader
  • cinema 4d
  • autostereoscopy
RebusFarm - Farminizer Software


Farminizer Software

With RebusFarm Farminizer, customers of the Rebus renderfarm can organize and manage their render jobs themselves: Easy, fast and fully automated. Directly available from inside their 3D application of choice.

  • 3D plugins
  • mobile apps
  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • houdini
  • modo
  • blender
  • mental ray
  • vray

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21 years of experience, based in Germany

Made in Germany

21 years of experience, based in Germany

We develop professional, individual and extraordinary software solutions in the areas of 3D, mobile apps, and software used at exhibits, fairs and presentations for business or private clients.

Our software is exclusively developed in germany and individually tailored to your needs, focussing on the ease of use, flexibility in terms of extensions, highest quality and above all the attention to detail.

Personal contact to our customers is important to us. So if you're near Kempten or Nuremberg, come and visit us.

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We develop professional, individual and extraordinary software solutions in the areas of 3D, mobile apps and software uset at exhibits, fairs ans presentations for business or private clients.

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