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Our event software incites to participate

No matter if it's face detection, touch displays, kinect gesture controls or laser technology: Our interactive media solutions incite visitors of your event to participate. Change your exhibition booth into a magical experience for your visitors to stand out from your competitors:

  • Interactive digital signage solutions
  • Indoors & outdoors
  • Touchscreen infoterminals
  • Touchless interaction, e.g. by face detection or Microsoft Kinect
  • Augmented reality for terminals and iPad applications
  • Virtual reality company and product tours
  • Greenscreen software exhibits with live chroma keying
  • Booth games and digital sweepstakes to entertain your visitors
  • Projection mapping and video walls for a lasting impact
  • Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, ...
  • Holographic media stagings
  • Transparent displays or pepper's ghost effect

Technologies at a Glance

Some of the components we regularly program software with

Face detectionFace detection
Touch screensTouch screens
Microsoft KinectMicrosoft Kinect
Augmented Reality & Virtual RealityAugmented & virtual reality
Info terminalsInfo terminals
Chroma keying & greenscreenChroma keying & greenscreen
Proximity sensorsProximity sensors
Social sharingSocial sharing
Object detectionObject detection
Gesture recognitionGesture
Holografic effectsHolografic

Interactive Displays

Spread your advertising message and strengthen customer loyalty

Video screens and modular LED displays are the perfect customization for your fair stand. The screens are mostly considered as a means to show video and advertising material of the latest products and thus meant to be a magnet for visitors. But with interactive software developed especially for the trade fair, you can get even more out of them.

An example taken from our references: Two visitors each were able to duel directly on stage in the ŠKODA E-Mobility Game at the Geneva Motor Show 2018. With live commentary on the digital race, the short duels on the 70 sqm LED display wall entertained the amazed visitors and were thus able to playfully spread the advertising message of ŠKODA on E-Mobility.

Digital Signage and Cross Media

When many technologies become one

By expertly joining multiple technologies, we develop a unique interactive experience for you, which has a lasting impact on the visitors of your event. Typical applications for these cross media exhibits are:

  • digital signage video walls reacting to visitor approaches with laser technology;
  • ability to control interactive projections with smartphone apps;
  • personalized video clips making the visitor the lead actor through face detection;
  • chroma keying video walls ("greenscreen effect") for individualized backgrounds (e.g. palm beaches);
  • sharing opportunities via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, email or postcard printouts.

DIRIMOTE - Winner of the WE DO DIGITAL Award 2017 by DIHK

The DIRIMOTE-Experience
DIRIMOTE revolutionizes the possibilities of interactive shop windows and transforms the attention into unique individual experiences. The passerby's smartphone becomes the remote control for the interactive shop windows. By scanning a code, the smartphone connects to the exhibit in the shop window and displays all control elements right on the phone display.

For this new take on interactive shop windows we received the WE DO DIGITAL Award in the category "information and communication" on June 15th, 2017.

A plus for the region
The DIRIMOTE technology strengthens the local retail industry and raises passerby awareness with interactive exhibits in front of the store - even outside of business hours. By direct integration of the passerby's smartphone as the remote control, it's very easy to share the experience on social media and expands the stores reach far beyond the pedestrian area.

An inexpensive way to expand your reach
With DIRIMOTE vandalism-proof input devices for interactive store windows are no longer required. DIRIMOTE can be integrated into a variety of exhibits, e.g. it's possible to add DIRIMOTE to existing shop displays to save on hardware costs.

Social Networks and Personal Remembrances

Increase the scope and impact of your event

Every time we develop an exhibit, we strive to create a lasting experience that surpasses the actualusage in space and time. To achieve this goal, we design for a software that creates personalized and individualized memories. These memories can be shared by your visitors:

  • Share videos, images and messages via Facebook
  • Share videos, images and messages via Twitter
  • Share videos, images and messages via LinkedIn
  • Share images via Instagram
  • Share images via Pinterest
  • Share via E-Mail
  • On the spot postcard printouts
Of course our company also offers classical marketing instruments like interactive sweepstakes, digital address form sheets, info terminals or newsletter mailings.

Full Physical Interactive Exhibits

Touch interfaces and touchless interaction

Digital media solutions do not necessarily need keyboard and mouse to ensure interactivity. Thanks to modern technology, your exhibit can also be controlled by touch screens, object-, gesture- and face-detection, infrared and laser scans, Microsoft Kinect or chroma keying (greenscreen effect).

These new and unfamiliar ways to interact with an exhibit are sometimes all you need to make your visitors want to participate.
Warsteiner Hyrox - Motion controlled exhibit


Full action on the digital obstacle course

For Warsteiner we were allowed to build an interactive exhibit that can be operated by motion control, in line with the fitness theme of the 0.0% drink. With steps to the side, jumping and ducking the visitors can go on an exciting, digital highscore hunt.

  • Exhibit
  • Interactive
  • Motion Controlled
  • Unity
  • Game
adidas - Rock paper scissors versus Manuel Neuer


UEFA EURO 2020 rock paper scissors

For the 2021 UEFA European Championship, visitors to the adidas outlet in Herzogenaurach could challenge Germany goalkeeper Manuel Neuer to an interactive rock paper scissors game. Many emotional games were fought and immediately afterwards sent to friends and family as video evidence.

  • Exhibit
  • Interactive
  • Live-Video composition
  • Social Media
  • QR-Code
  • Game
ŠKODA - Interactive Social Wall


Interactive Social Wall

The huge ŠKODA Social Wall thrilled everyone at the Geneva Motor Show through direct interaction. Trade fair visitors were able to share their own pictures on different social media channels via the #beSKODA hashtag and became a direct part of the interactive exhibition stand.

  • Exhibit
  • Interactive
  • Social Media
  • Instagram
  • User generated content
  • Twitter
Volkswagen Financial Services - Exhibition at the VW Group Forum DRIVE

Volkswagen Financial Services

Exhibition at the VW Group Forum DRIVE

Guests of this photo booth can choose from different scenes, that resemble parts of the DRIVE forum. Using face positioning and greenscreen effects, their face is mapped into the final image. All images can be printed and shared via email. Developed in cooperation with MediaScreen GmbH.

  • Touch display
  • Live-Photo composition
  • Social Sharing
  • photo print
MINI - Exhibit for the BMW Museum


Exhibit for the BMW Museum

As its highlight, MINI presents the interactive exhibit MINI Connected at the 5th floor of the museum. Here visitors can venture an exciting hyperlapse ride< through international cities in the new MINI Cooper S.

  • Video projection
  • Hyperlapse
  • Touch display
  • Live-Video composition
  • Social Sharing

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We develop professional, individual and extraordinary software solutions in the areas of 3D, mobile apps and software uset at exhibits, fairs ans presentations for business or private clients.

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