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Tailored for your business

Every company has a different blend of philosophy, ideas, projects, team, work processes and communication. Accordingly, there is no off-the-shelf software that exactly meets all your wishes and needs.

That's where we come into play. We're software engineers and software developers who create individual software that is perfectly tailored to you and your needs, including all of the consulting, concept and design work if needed: Starting at software extensions and plugins for existing systems to stand-alone software solutions of all kinds.

Still undecided if we can help you? Just give us a call, we're looking forward hearing from you.

Efficient Industrial Software

Industry-independent software solutions

From remote-controlled processes to comprehensive process optimization and time-saving automation, we offer unique software solutions, perfectly tailored to you and your needs. Through individual software­programming we can optimize almost every step in your process chain.

  • Extensive process optimization
  • Cost-saving automations
  • Remote controlled systems
  • Timesaving supplier solutions
  • Advanced connectivity

Our solutions for industrial software are flexible: we offer everthing from standalone software as completely new solutions or plug-in programming that efficiently upgrades existing systems.

Artificial Intelligence

Software that learns

Systems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) are about to fundamentally change the life between humans and technology. The term AI encompasses technologies with allows machines to record, process, learn and use information. Popular areas of application for AI are:

  • Machine learning
  • Pattern recognition and analysis
  • Intelligent automation
  • Voice and speech recognition
  • Image and character recognition
  • Virtual assistants

Bring innovation to your industry and benefit from the possibilities of software programming with artificial intelligence.

Mobile App Development

Professional app developers for mobile devices

No matter whether iOS or Android, Windows Mobile or PalmOS: at² has always been a pioneer for business applications. Our many years of experience enable us to always make the right decisions for your mobile software needs in terms of user-friendliness, user acceptance, cost-effectiveness and longevity. Since we have implemented apps both natively (ObjectiveC, Swift, SwiftUI, Java, Kotlin) and hybrid (PhoneGap / Cordova / IONIC, Flutter, ...), we can unbiasedly develop an individual app concept before choosing the best technology for it.

Improve your business workflow with the possibilities that app development for mobile devices offers:

  • Paperless Office
    Digital document management and capture for your field service
  • Geofencing
    Location-based time recording or scheduling planning
  • Push-Notifications
    Notification of your customers or your team
  • Augmented Reality
    Plan and visualize projects directly for your customers

Sophisticated Software Solutions

Some areas we regularly develop software in

Workflow OptimizationWorkflow Optimization
Process PlanningProcess Planning
Process OptimizationProcess Optimization
User InterfacesUser Interfaces
Vehicle ConceptsVehicle Concepts
Smart HomeSmart Home
Management SystemsManagement Systems
Payment SystemsPayment Systems
Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence
Web ArchitectureWeb Architecture

Tailor-made mapping software

Preparation and georeferencing

Map preparation and georeferencing solutions enable the creation of precise and interactive maps that go beyond simple representations. The result is mapping software that can be seamlessly integrated into applications and offers a wide range of possible uses - from urban planning to environmental research.

  • Creating interactive web maps
    With the help of technologies such as Leaflet, MapLibre-GL, OpenMapTiles and the Mapbox Style Specification, we can create interactive web maps that enable intuitive navigation and user interaction.
  • Creation of maps in various popular formats
    Map materials are created and delivered in formats such as MBTiles, PMTiles, GeoJSON and GeoPackage, which can be easily integrated into various GIS systems and are suitable for numerous applications.
  • Map Rendering
    Advanced rendering ensures that maps are not only functional but also visually appealing. Which enables effective presentation of data and improves the user experience.

Regardless of whether detailed geographical analyzes are to be carried out, urban infrastructure is to be planned or scientific data is to be visualized – the tailor-made mapping software meets your specific requirements.

Concept Planning and Development

We are happy to develop concepts for your software

In the concept phase, the basic direction for the implementation of your project is determined according to your specifications. The better the planning at the beginning, the more focused the actual development can be afterwards. The concept phase includes:

  • planning in direct cooperation;
  • joint definition of requirements and goals;
  • early identification of problems and development of solutions;
  • concept visualizations as line and final drawings;
  • interactive prototypes (click dummy).

With our experience in all different areas of software development, user interface and user experience design we tailor the software exactly as you desire.

The Right Software Partner

Valued partnerships

Common GoalsSpecifications are not just processed point by point, we get the overall picture.
Collaboration and SupportTwo of our greatest strengths are the active collaboration and intensive support.
Valued PartnershipFairness, reliability, loyalty and honesty are our dominant values.
Quality ProjectsOur customers regularly rehire us as we're the software developers for most of their projects.
Long Term SuccessWe are always looking to build long-term partnerships for mutual success
Contact usPersonal contact is important to us and we are always easy to reach.
ScioSense - The leading expert in environmental and flow sensing


The leading expert in sensor solutions

ScioSense provides a range of off-the-shelf environmental sensor solutions, including solutions for monitoring air quality, relative humidity and temperature changes and more. We created the complex Software via embedded programming from the ground up.

  • Wizard
  • Configurator
  • Embedded programming
  • design
  • desktop application
HDG Bavaria - WebControl

HDG Bavaria


Smart home technology powered by at²: New heating systems of HDG Bavaria now can be controlled from everywhere in the world.

  • Web
  • Responsive Design
  • Remote Control
  • Smart Home

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24 years of experience, based in Germany

Made in Germany

24 years of experience, based in Germany

We develop professional, individual and extraordinary software solutions in the areas of 3D, mobile apps, and software used at exhibits, fairs and presentations for business or private clients.

Our software is exclusively developed in germany and individually tailored to your needs, focussing on the ease of use, flexibility in terms of extensions, highest quality and above all the attention to detail.

Personal contact to our customers is important to us. So if you're near Kempten or Nuremberg, come and visit us.

The Right Software Mix

Combine our spheres of competence

We develop professional, individual and extraordinary software solutions in the areas of 3D, Industry 4.0 and Digital Experiences for business or private clients.

If you want to learn more, just contact us. We're looking forward hearing from you soon.