Over 18 years experience in software development

Years of experience

No surprises, because we know every trick in the book:

The "hot phase" before an event, spontaneous requests for change or delayed data delivery will not bother us anymore.

Deadlines are met. Fullstop.

Already over 85 exhibits everywhere around the globe

Exhibits worldwide

Many of our most exciting exhibits are not only in Nuremberg, Munich or Berlin , but also in other beautiful places in the world, such as:

Shanghai, New Orleans, Detroit, Aberdeen, London, Tallin, Brüssel, Mailand, Madrid, Rom, Istanbul, etc.

Über 80 Programmiersprachen

Programming languages

Our repertoire includes all current high-level languages and technologies. Our current favourites are:

C, C#, C++, C++/CLI, .NET, openFrameworks, WPF, Processing, VVVV, Unity, Unreal Engine, Java, Qt, Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin, PHP, Python, HTML, Sass, TypeScript, Angular, Vue

We develop for you

Your software made by professionals

Our customers and partners appreciate our broad knowledge just as well as our ability to think outside the box.
We don't just work through functional specifications point by point, we also understand the overarching goal and we strive to make every project a complete success through active participation and intensive support.
The highlights of our offer are:
  • Consulting, Conception and Design of Software
  • App Programming for iOS, Android and Windows Phone
  • Touch and gesture control software for trade shows, showrooms and POS systems
  • Plugins for 3D software for workflow optimization and seamless implementation of new technologies


Passionate developers

We create unique software. We are always on fire for our customers, cooperation partners and projects. Fairness, reliability, loyalty and honesty are our dominant values. Our contact with customers, partners and employees is always direct and personal.
Commitment to sustainable, socially and environmentally responsible action is one of our main values. Profitable and organic growth ensures our independence, coupled with maximum flexibility in market changes for partners and employees.

Our Team

The experts at at²